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rave-and-rant (profile) wrote,
on 5-29-2008 at 1:03am
Current mood: tired, flirty, & happy
Subject: Discrimination, Discrimination, Discrimination, & Feet
First off, yesterday was overall very good. I'm about ready to settle in for the night after I complete this entry and some homework. There were just some few things today that I thought I'd clear my mind of.

Rant: There's a reason why I titled this entry, "Discrimination, Discrimination, Discrimination, & Feet." (but first, let's focus on the discrimination part of the title first)

The first reason is because of what I saw on the late night news. Yesterday, at a baseball game two women, both lesbians, just happened to kiss while watching the game. A mom, who was accompanied by her young son, in the stands saw them and complained about them kissing to security. The couple was then approached by security and was told to stop kissing because of some, "no public display of affection in a family setting," type of policy they have at the stadium. Security then told them if they didn't stop kissing they would kick them out of the stadium. The couple then showed the news reporter pictures they had taken of other couples, heterosexual to be exact, who were kissing, yet were not told to stop.

When questioned by the reporter one of the partners said that they weren't making out since they were eating some garlic fries, which obviously right there would be a turn off. She even said they didn't do anything further and that it was simply a peck on the lips.

Honestly, I felt this was an act of discrimination towards the two women because they were lesbians who just wanted to express their affections like how straight couples do. In my American Diversity class we discussed how some don't understand why homosexuals need to flaunt their sexual orientation or why they have to have Gay Pride parades. My teacher, and our guest speaker, asked us, "Well what about heterosexuals? Those who are straight flaunt their sexual orientation all the time." They pointed out to our class how in the media a majority of the couples are heterosexual, in parades (like Macy's Thanksgiving day parade I think they mentioned) the floats have princesses and princes, how heterosexual couples can show public displays of affection without being too harshly shunned, and some others; thus showing that people in society who are heterosexual show their sexual orientation all the time.

So just hearing this story on the news reminded me of our class discussion about how homosexuality in society is treated and portrayed through sources of media.

Another thing that kind of irked me was some video clip I saw on ET, or one of those celebrity magazine kind of shows, while I was channel surfing. It was of Sharon Stone hosting some kind of benefit or auction for some cause I think. Anyway, she was talking to P. Diddy and was asking him something like if he had certain amount of X dollars to give that night. He replied to her question by telling her that he didn't have that amount on him that night. She then said something along the lines of, "You don't have (insert dollar amount) dollars? What the fuck did you spend it on? Crack?" I know she was trying to be a funny, entertaining hostess, but I felt she took it too far. Why the hell did she have to make that comment? Is it because he's a rapper, so he must use crack? Is it because he's black, so he must buy drugs? I'm not saying P. Diddy does or doesn't, that's his own personal business, but I don't feel it was right for her to joke around like that. It's like asking Jackie Chan if he spent his money on opium.

She even said something about the earthquake and aftershocks going on in China, but I won't even get into that.

Finally, the third reason. My workplace is located on the third floor in our building. There are two doors to enter my workplace. The door that I mainly use, as well as my other coworkers and people we assist, is across the walkway from the stairs and bathrooms. So there's a flight of stairs leading up to the third floor then another leading up to the roof or something. The stairs going up to the roof must have been painted or something in that area was painted because there's this yellow tape, like in crime scenes, going across the stairway blocking it off. The yellow tape reads, "Caution: Men at work." Reading that just kind of ticked me off a little because in my opinion I feel it's a bit sexist. I feel that a woman can paint a stairway, or work on projects that require a "handy man" for the job, just as well as any man. So I think the tape should read, "Caution: Wo/Men (or Workers) at work."

Rave: Alright, for my rave--the feet part in my title. I think the best part of yesterday was getting to walk along the boardwalk, and beach, with the one person in my life right now who has so far made each of my days range from relatively to truly happy. Also, having the nice surprise of them suddenly just spontaneously stroking my ankles and feet. It was warm, soft, and sweet. Plus, having the mutual feeling like we did something kind of couple-y, when I rested my legs across their lap, since we've mainly still been acting like friends.

P.S. Sorry for any grammatical errors. They're bound to happen and I'm tired.

2:11 AM
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