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star-sailor (profile) wrote,
on 6-2-2008 at 1:52pm
Music: In The Cinema Alone - Memphis
Subject: My Sister, My Love
So exhausted.
I hardly slept last night.

Let's see... let's start from the beginning.
Friday was sporadic. Moped most of the day, busying myself with nothing in particular. Late in the day, I learn that Leslie and April are going to see Indiana Jones. Of course, I would rarely miss a chance to hang out with our little trio, so I accepted and whisked myself to Starplex. We met there in the parking lot, somewhat by accident; Matt, Leslie's boy, was there, but he was watching The Strangers with his sister - just a strange coincidence. We chit chatted briefly before going inside. This is why I love my sister - this is why I love hanging out with these two - every situation we seem to put ourselves in turns out completely random. There's always a story, and we take nothing seriously together. We sat around, making our own commentary as the obscenely... strange movie had Indiana Jones chasing alien skulls made of crystal. The movie was a joke, so we treated it as such; I'm sure we bothered the older couple behind us.

After the movie, instead of parting ways, we somehow hung around April's car talking about nothing in particular for something like half an hour. I wouldn't have had it any other way. Before we left, April wanted to borrow Leslie's year book. We then were elected to be driven back to the other side of the small parking lot by Leslie for no reason... hahaha. Good times.

Saturday was a family day. I lingered on the computer for I'm not sure how long before 5 o'clock rolled around. Then I made my way to my grandma's house where a gourmet dinner of hamburgers was had, only after I mowed the lawn though. My grandma gave me $20 for it... it bothers me to accept money from her, for some reason, but I took it anyway. My mother, my grandma, and myself then watched The Golden Compass. TERRIBLE MOVIE. Do not ever watch it, ever. It veers completely off the plot of the book; the movie and book are nothing similar. It was a travesty.

Sunday was Leslie's graduation party. I didn't know what to expect; it sounded like it would be a bustling fĂȘte at Leslie's house with the majority of her family. When I arrived, indeed, there were quite a few of her family members, but not near as much as I expected. The event was much more chilled than I thought it would be. Leslie's family is very nice, though a bit eccentric. But April, myself, Leslie, Matt, and Derrek (Leslie's real little brother) kept to ourselves in Leslie's room. We played Battleship, Pokemon Stadium 2, and Super Smash Brothers on Leslie's N64. We completely lost track of time, for after what seemed like a mere hour, it was already 11. We parted ways.

When I returned home, I decided not to sleep at midnight, even though I was tired. I was not ready for sleep. I stayed up til two watching The Bourne Supremacy. Then I debated Harry Potter with a friends via the interblag for nearly an hour, and wrote today's article in Voila! for nearly another hour. All in all, it was somewhere around 4:30 before I even climbed into bed. I was (possibly) supposed to be awake to help my boss move things up at Richard Wilson Elementary School, meaning I had to wake up by 8. I didn't fall asleep until 6, and though it turns out I didn't have to help, I still woke up at 8. Luckily I was able to get more sleep, and slept til 12:30. Six hours is still SO FAR from healthy... alas.

I love my sister - I love Leslie - I sincerely do. Leslie is my pacemaker. She lifts my heart up higher than any of my friends. Her personality is very carefree, which is beyond comfort. So many people out there judge me, and murmur to themselves about my oddities. I say, it sincerely lowers my confidence. But Leslie... she never did that. It's as if we were best friends already, that day I met her at Panther City, during the last week of high school in 2006. She treated me as an equal before she even knew my name; she never judged me. She earned my trust instantly. Leslie is silly, and she makes her mistakes, but everyone makes their mistakes. Regardless, she is a beautiful, kind, happy girl. I have never had a sour note - not one moment where I felt sad, downtrodden, angry, or upset, when I was around Leslie. She lifts my heart and my mind higher than I can express. She helps me forget what I dislike in this world. Leslie shows me how to live a little better, and when she can't, we spend some time together. And our time together is irreplaceable, because the time I spend together with her is always perfect. I can honestly say that I have not felt as happy as I did last night in the past three weeks. I owe that girl so much...

She maturely glorifies immaturity, and immaturely toys with mature situations; she is the bridge between a child and an adult, and it's a beautiful thing to witness. She has a truly unique personality that I know I will never meet in all my days. She is one of my best friends. She is my sister. I love Leslie.
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