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star-sailor (profile) wrote,
on 6-6-2008 at 4:29am
Current mood: thirsty
Music: Last Dinosaur - The Pillows
Subject: The Equation
Rats, and rats, and rats...
Yeah, I know, you're thinking about The Blood Brothers now. Well, at least if you're savvy on your music knowledge. If not, then I was just being ironic anyway. No, I have nothing to say about Blood Brothers songs... I have things to say about rodents. Rats, I tell you! Apparently my mom saw a huge one snacking out of the cat bowl this evening. I didn't really believe her, but she set up a puny mouse trap for it. The rat fell for it, but the trap only snapped on it's skin. It probably got hurt, but it made it's get away effortlessly. I set up an intricate trap for it (involving a wooden salad fork and some tasty Chinese food). I'll catch the devilish bugger yet!

The week has passed by slowly. But if I try to recall the week, you would be sorely disappointed, reader. A slur of words and a blur of days have passed by. They were all eventful, yet all eventless. So much took place, and yet nothing at all. But for the sake of something interesting to read, I'll try my best to recount what I remember.

Wednesday I hung out with Amie for the first time in two weeks, I believe. I'm thankful that we still have opportunities to chill with each other, especially since her schedule is somewhat busy. We went to Pei Wei and ate messily together. Two people she knew said hello to her. We returned to my house as the sun set, and lolled about on the couches in the living room, watching Donnie Darko. Like several of my friends, Amie has missed out on (in my opinion, anyway) some pretty great movies. Something like two years ago, we planned on making up a list of movies that we would watch together. But it never happened for whatever reason. Well now this mythical list is tangible, and includes fascinating movies such as Repo Man, Dead Like Me, Noriko's Dinner Table, and more to be added soon. Donnie Darko has a line scratched through it.

I've watched a movie called Noriko's Dinner Table several times. It's a fascinating Japanese film that I'm now addicted to. I really want a copy for myself, since the copy I saw is from Netflix. If you like Japanese culture, this is a must see, though the storyline is TWISTED.

I know what's happening. And I know what's happening while that's happening. And I honestly don't know what to do about anything that is happening. But regardless, it's happening. I don't know if it's a good thing that either thing is happening. Both have their goods and bads. Both are beneficial and detrimental. I don't know if I should act on either. I suppose I'll go with the flow. That was the equation; everything worked out the first time. I didn't enjoy it the first time, but I'm finding that I have literal choice given the current circumstance.

Speaking of all this happening business, The Happening is going to be opening in theatres on Friday the 13th! I've always been a fan of Shyamalan's movies, despite the critiscism they've recieved. The Village was kind of a let down... I thought it would be a lot scarier. Signs was wonderful. That last movie he did - the modern day fairy tale thing - was quite lame though. But the big difference is that this is his first R rated movie. The Village was apparently almost R-rated. But this time Shyamalan isn't letting anything holding back his movies since he's allowing it to get labeled with this rating. I'm intrigued; I'd like to see it with Leslie and April!

Tonight was the graduation of the 2008 class. It's the first graduation I've been to since my own. I couldn't help getting a little sentimental; there were so many people I knew in this class. So many people's I've held at least a little respect for - that I've spent time with - that I've gotten to know. It's just a weird experience. I never had that experience with my graduation, because I didn't really have many friends in my year, nor did I care for many of the obnoxious people who I once called my peers. This year was much different. Ethan graduated, Maggie graduated, Mia graduated. And Leslie... oh, my Leslie. That's the one that almost brought a tear to my eye, but I held them back since I was in public. I will admit, last year I was worried for her. She was struggling with her schoolwork. She was concentrating like she should. She was busy falling in love with Matt.

Matt has proved to be an excellent boyfriend. More than anything I ever expected. They've had their issues... major issues... mature issues that nobody our age should have to deal with. But they made it through; they did things right. Leslie showed how mature she was by handling these situations like an adult. She has changed a lot in the way she conducts herself. Her life has changed a lot, but her personality hasn't changed at all, and I love that about her. In any case, she was busy falling in love, and was letting her schoolwork slack. I was worried something bad might happen, like failing high school. But she made a complete turn-around. She fixed everything. She took trash, and turned it to gold. She took her (honestly) worthless failing grades, and turned them into unbelievably passing grades. She got accepted to TCU. All while supporting a relationship. All while building bonds with her family. All while maintaining a social life. She did it all like a pro. I could blabber on for hours about her accomplishments, but the simple fact is, nothing I can possibly articulate can utter how infinitely proud I am of her. How I love her so. Crying is worthless on people I don't care for, that's why I save it for those who really matter. I don't cry for people I don't love.

After the graduation ceremony, I decided to congratulate Leslie down by the bottom of the stadium. I luckily caught her; her smile was memorable (and by the way, I'll never forget that nervous smile of hers that she wore as she sat awaiting to walk across the stage). I went around to the other side of the stadium to say hi to all the band kids. I eventually sneaked down onto the floor, pretending to be with the band, to walk and talk with the BHC folks. I also so Julia, whom I hadn't seen in forever. I even saw Sadie for the first time in person. I almost didn't recognize her at first, and probably looked like an idiot, but I realized later (and probably looked like an idiot again). Even Cullen said hi to me (I didn't expect that at all). The BHC - Amie + Julia + Sadie + Travis + Daniel + Brad + others all went on a big adventure after the ceremony, and I joined in. They were supposed to go to Chili's... which turned to going to IHOP... which turned into going to Whataburger. Somehow we all spent at least an hour (if not longer). It was fun; I wish I knew some of these people better. They're my type of friends.

Oh how strange my life is, reader. I don't even know what to say anymore. Maybe I don't need to say anything? Maybe I need to drift off with the current. Maybe I should start going to bed earlier. Maybe I should just give it up. Maybe I should meet more people. Maybe, maybe, maybe, reader. So many maybe's - nothing set in stone.
Maybe I'll write something later. Maybe, reader, maybe.
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