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blackecho101 (profile) wrote,
on 6-28-2008 at 2:09am
Music: Incubus
Subject: should i be happy?
Well, i finally did it; its over. We're over... and as unhappy as i was before, just like i knew i would be, I'm more miserable now. I feel like a piece of shit, a sorry dirty low down piece of shit. I'm not gona go get all emo over this break up or anything, don't worry about that, but its going take a minute to get over... i mean, shit, 7 beers and 2 350mg muscle relaxers surely did'nt ease this pain, how disappointing. omg, i need to cheer up and relax, this is ridiculous. I'm scared, relieved, and regretful all at the same time. i cant even focus on this damn blog im noddin from the pills so bad... im fuckered and im still feelin bad, its getting alot better, and worse i guess, by the minute. maybe ill update this more often, its starting to become a habbit, hell yeah! yup, im noddin out i almost smacked the keyboard with my forehead that time... that was pretty great.
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