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faerin (profile) wrote,
on 7-3-2008 at 7:53am
Current mood: amused
Music: "DOA" by Foo Fighters
Subject: Madness? This is MADRIGAL!
Yeah. I'm a loser. Sue me.

I'm so damn amused right now. I've been up all night and basically spent the past few hours playing Flyff. Cardpuppets, for some ungodly reason, were really pissing me off.

I was on one of my boyfriend's characters plvling one of my n00bish characters, which he was on while he was at work. Yeah, we're pretty backwards.

Anyway, I was fighting cardpuppets and the giant kept inching it's way over to me. It was making me angry because I was paranoid and I didn't want to die and end up losing EXP on his account.

So what do I do? I charge angrily at one of the cardpuppets and just start beating it senseless with my staff. The words "Madness? This is MADRIGAL!" followed soon after. Yeah, I wish I'd had a screenshot of that. XD

Skuko: Madness?
Skuko: This... is... MADRIGAL!
ReyaKinjiri: wow... lol.
Skuko: *Eats giant cardpuppet's babies for dinner*
ReyaKinjiri: XD
Skuko: Yeah. And I'm going to eat it's unborn babies for dessert. >.>

It was freakin' amusing. Flyffing just seems to have this ability to make me forget about crappy things in life and just appreciate random one-liners. :P

Like this one. This is one I really want to hear right now, but I can't seem to find it at the moment. Wait. I think I may have found it...

YES!! Indeed I have. This is none other than one segment of one of my heroes, George Carlin. R.I.P.

I don't know why, but that clip popped into my head, and suddenly, I had to see it. ^^

I just realized something. Tomorrow is the 4th of July. I have guitar lessons tomorrow. I need to call Shaun and find out if he's giving lessons tomorrow or if he's taking the holiday off. Even if he is giving lessons, I'm most likely not going to go. It's a holiday, I have plans. Big, giant, massive plans, including sparklers and bottle rockets and firecrackers and fireworks and watching things go BOOM! Well, at least that's what the day will consist of if I have it my way. XD

That also means that today is July 3rd. Which means that it's Nny's 21st birthday! Woot! I doubt he's going to see this, but oh well. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NNY!! You're legal. Hahaha. But you don't drink anyway, so that's GOOD. Keep it that way for as long as you can. :P

Meh, that's about all there is to say this morning. I'm getting more and more tired by the second. Speaking of seconds, this is my second time writing this entry, because my computer decided to be a douche and freeze on me earlier, so I lost my entry.

Oh well. Between then and retyping this, I was able to figure out how old Nny was turning today, so I suppose that's good.

Well, I'm off to bed now. Night all, or for that matter, top of the morning to ya! Stupid Mexicans and their tomales... o.o Long story. Au revoir!

- Fae
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