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faerin (profile) wrote,
on 7-6-2008 at 12:47am
Current mood: energetic
Music: "Raver's Fantasy" by Tune Up!
Subject: Mwahahaha!
I wanna rave... o.o Like. Seriously. If I don't go to one soon, I might lose it. The world of a rave seems like my home, and no, I'm not talking about the E-tards. I'm talking about the drug free people who just love bright colors, good dance music, glowsticks, and just being overall energetic and happy. Sure, you're gonna get the occasional E-tard, but that's not our problem.

Yeah, I want to go to one badly. That and another Disturbed concert. Aggghhhh, I can't wait until August 19th. Projekt Revolution!!!!! :3 Third time seeing Linkin Park, but the first time I'll actually be in the pit. This kicks major ass. I love my parents for getting me tickets during the presale... XD

What else was I going to rant about?

OH YEAH! My lappy. My lappy's memory is going to sleep now. I'm going to reformat it so it can forget all the abuse I've put it through. Lmao. Just messin'. But still, it hasn't been running so great lately so I backed it up onto Matt's server and now I'm going to go reformat it. Woo hoo!

And if anyone out there in the Cleveland-ish area knows of any raves going on anywhere, let me know. XD

- Fae
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