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faerin (profile) wrote,
on 7-16-2008 at 3:51am
Current mood: creative
Subject: Lame. Just lame.
That's how I feel. My sleep pattern is so messed up. I mean sure, that's good sometimes because I'm more productive at night because then nobody is awake to bug me, but then I miss going out with people when there's daylight and things like that.

Meh. I need to make an appointment up at the college for orientation sometime this week. And I need to practice my guitar. It's so lonely just sitting in there. I plan on playing it for a bit this morning after my dad leaves for work. Missing lessons for the past two weeks kind of sucks. Missed the 4th obviously due to the holiday, and the place was closed anyway. Then I missed last Friday because I had a concert to go to. It was pretty fun. 3 Doors Down and Staind.

Which reminds me... AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! One month and three days!!!!!!! :D Shit. That means I have to get to work. ^^;; I'm planning on making a sign, possibly doing art of some kind for them, since I'll be right in front of the stage. Hahaha. Linkin Park kicks major ass. Yeah, it'll probably just end up thrown up there without a second look, but oh well, it's worth a shot. xD

I got new pants the other day. There goes what was left of my graduation money. o.o I'm usually not one to blow $60 on pants at Hot Topic, but my old Tripp pants finally bit the dust and I like having one pair of them. lol!

Damn it. It's only July and I feel like I'm behind on a bunch of shit. I have to call the college and get this crap out of the way so I can enjoy the rest of my summer. >.>

Shit to do:
  • Call college to set up orientation appointment.

  • Register for classes after orientation.

  • Make sign / art for LP by 8/19.

  • Manage the Other Realm.

  • Get started on layouts for SoV and M&E.

  • Work on M&E comics and SoV art.

  • Stop relying on boyfriend for rides and get my license.

  • Learn how to cook more homemade meals.

  • Fix fucked up sleep schedule.

  • Get back into writing my book. I miss it.

  • Write more lyrics for music projects. o.o

Fuck. I'm screwed. I honestly plan to do WAY too many things. xD It sucks, half of these I'll only get done on a screwed up sleep schedule, like the writing and computer and art work, and the other half I need a normal sleep schedule, like driving and cooking. I'll figure this out eventually. I just need to worry about the important ones for now. The ones that have to do with me actually getting ready to start classes in the fall. Haha.

On an entirely other and more random note. My layout is so lame on here. It used to look good with my comp, but now I changed the resolution and it looks retarded. I wish there was just a way to get it to stretch to the entire page despite people resolutions. I know there's a way, I just can't figure it out. :\ That or I don't remember how. One of the two. XD

- Fae
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