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star-sailor (profile) wrote,
on 7-21-2008 at 8:32pm
Current mood: amused
Music: Glósóli - Sigur Rós
Subject: With All Your Heart - With All Your Love - We Are Ever So Different - We Claim One Another With Love
My entries are few and far between, reader. But I have not abandoned this yet.
I still have no clear answer for the downturn in the frequency of my writing. If it's any consolation at all, I've actually been busy this week (for the most part).

Classes have been going alright. I detest my teacher, and I don't think she apprecites that I answer almost all the questions she asks right. She is dull and cranky, not to mention not the sharpest tool in the shed. I am harsh, I know, but I don't like being disrespected in front of an entire classroom of people after correcting the teacher at her own correction. We had our first test, and I only got a B because my essays were "too wordy." How the fuck is an essay too wordy? Thank God this is a summer course; I'm not sure if I could stand a few weeks of this, much less a few months. But I'll stop blubbering about this less-than-affable circumstance.

The Kill Hannah concert was glorious. The show started way earlier than any of us expected, so we left quite early, and made it to The Granada with lots of time to spare. To kill time, we decided to eat at this place called... Snuffles... or something. A real small resaurant next door, which served general American food that was EXCELLENT. I'm definitely going there again. Normally I would talk about the fabulous show, but I reviewed the entire thing on Voilà! So if you're interested, go check it out there.

Leslie's birthday celebration was supposed to be the day after, but for some reason it was cancelled. I never learned why, but I love her, and she can be ever so silly. It's all right.

Another week of school passed by, lame, as usual. Friday turned out to be very interesting though. Jayne and I had been due to hang out with each other for a VERY long time. We finally organized linner (a mix of lunch and dinner) at Pei Wei. Afterwards, we went to this cool park near that side of town; it was the park I went to with Jean, Amie, and absolutely everyone else, when we climbed a really big hill to look at the city lights. Instead of heading to the hill, Jayne and I traversed the park. We saw waterfalls. We passed through treacherous earthquake zones, and made it unscathed. We even caught view of the rare Barking Monkey of North Texas, a real treat. When our walk was up, I took her to a nail shop so she could meet up with her family.

I decided to have an adventure afterwards. One adventure was simply not interesting enough. I went to Best Buy, very near the nail place, and wandered around til I found some blank CDs which were very overpriced in my opinion. I needed them for the Peachcake show the day after. I grabbed a big box, but decided I'd rather continue this Best Buy adventure. I played the Aerosmith Guitar Hero in front of many people. A nice Asian lady with a baby watched, and kept nodding her head approvingly as I did the guitar solos... hahaha, it was a little awkward, but cool too. A lot of Best Buy workers started talking near the TV I was playing on, so I decided I'd rather not continue playing there. Instead, I went to play Rock Band at a different station in the store. I haven't played but once before, so it was nice to play some songs that weren't just demos. I wanted to play more, but I let some kids play, and they didn't let me have another turn. I left.

If I were to end my adventure there, man, what a lackadaisical ending that would be! I called up Leslie and asked if she was home so I could drop buy and give her the especially late but especially awesome birthday present I assembled for her (homemade cookies, a star shoelace as repayment for Leslie's Star (which I wear every day), and two mix CDs. Also, the wrapping paper had writing on it; we have this inside joke, involving the word "community." So I wrote it in many different languages.). I eventually arrived to find Leslie wearing her new glasses! THEY'RE ADORABLE! I would love to have them... but sadly, my eyes work. :[ Regardless, they look great on her, and she looks great with them, even if she doesn't like them, hahah. She liked the present as well.

I intended to only stay at Leslie's house for like, five minutes - ten at most - but somehow, through a weird series of amazing conversations, computer games, brand new underwear, Prissy's sneezes, and blueberry muffins, I ended up staying for almost an hour. I left with a bag of green tea and like, four excellent hugs. I say this constantly, but I ever-so love my sister... beyond comprehension. I couldn't spend an hour like that with anyone else on this planet, not in the same fashion anyway. I'm very connected to Leslie, in ways I really don't know how to express. She's beyond beautiful in mind and body, and I hold her in so much respect. Normally, we usually only spend time together when we're with April and other company. But to spend such a wonderful hour with her just by myself (well, Prissy was there, after all) was an unbelievable experience. It only makes me love her more, and I wish that we had more chances to just sit around and chat endlessly about everything and nothing in particular. I want to have a serious conversation with her about her thoughts on the environment; I think that would be a wonderful discussion. Okay, okay, come now, Chris. Musn't bore the reader with my insatiable love, eh?

As I said, I left Leslie's house with hugs, a smile, a teabag of green tea, and a heart full of love. But due to a conversation with Leslie, my adventure was still not over! I traveled across the way to Central Market on a tea run while texting Sarah profusely. Sarah is amazing, because we relate in all the right places, and clash where there needs to be friction. Like a well working machine. But I digress, Central Market I went. An old guy band was playing classic rock in the plaza. They weren't half bad, though the soloist... needs practice, ahhaha. But the people watching enjoyed themselves a lot; two little girls started dancing cutely to the music while the adults sipped some organic drinks and started a clap to the beat. I found my tea indoor: one box-thing of white tea (first time ever to try it), and a big container of nice black tea. I finally returned home. To end my adventure, my first cup of white tea. The smell from opening the package almost closelined me with ecstasy. It was a great day.

The next day was Peachcake with Ara, Cullen, and Bobby Walo. I met the band; gave them a mix; they complimented the concept behind my mix, as well as my Pokemon card necklace; I was bashful. I'd talk more about the actual show (which was unforgettable), but I'll save the adventure until I post an article about it on Voilà! on Wednesday. I saw the HOTTEST - emphasis on hottest - boy I've ever seen since my huge crush on a really old friend, Bobby. He was just... perfect; everything I'd ever look for (physically) in a boy. He was with his lesbian mothers (the only reason I know they were lesbians was because one woman kept touching this other woman's butt). Obviously, I wouldn't make a move on him, and doubt I'd ever even see him again........ but damn, THAT was a very pretty site. :P

And now the new week... today started lame, but that's okay.
I'm not in love with Sigur Rós. Officially.
They're beautiful.
Happy birthday, Amie. I love you!
Hopefully the rest of the week will be better.
I have much more to say, but I'll save it for another time.
Until next time, reader. Have a good day/week/month.
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