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thehairybeast (profile) wrote,
on 7-22-2008 at 8:26pm
Music: incomplete
Subject: everything in this world that a girl could want
okay so i now have a job. about time right? been there like a lil over a month now. its a far drive, thats the only down side. but they started me at 8 bucks an hour so that makes up for it. defintely need to get a diff job though. this is not enough money. but then again, prob never in my life gonna have enough money. this country is so expensive.. ahwell whatever, cant do shit about itttt. still dont kno what im doin school wise. cars, crazy as it sounds, id love to do that. have to look into it though. im not really worried about it right now though. im just tryin to save up some money, but its been impossible with all these bills on top of my car breaking every week. lol, thats what i get for 200 bills though. that bitch has lasted over a year though so fuck it! prob only spent like a grand on it tops. lemme just say insurance rates suck, and fuckin gas is outrageous. its at like 3.85 and shit! whack as hell. um, the fourth of july this year was bangin. went down to wildwood and had the most random crazy night. and winged it the whole time. yeah you knoww, lol .. tahts about it. until next time
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