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faerin (profile) wrote,
on 7-28-2008 at 2:07am
Current mood: content
Music: "Miracle" by Cascada
Subject: So clear, so confused.
Yesterday was hell. Today was a bit better. I think things are slowly falling into place. I realized it wasn't that I needed someone else to be happy necessarily, but that I needed more time for myself.

I don't need someone else to get where I want to be. I need to be happy with myself and my life before I can be happy with someone else. So I'm just taking my time and taking everything one step at a time. Once I feel satisfied where my life on my own is, I can add someone into that balanced equation of my life. xD

I drove today. This made me extremely happy! :D I haven't in a long while. Still waiting on getting my license. Now I can have time to actually learn how to drive so I CAN get my license. I want to talk to Matt really badly so he knooows. He'd be proud. Haha! I even drove inbetween 2 cars... and didn't hit EITHER of them! ^^

I went over John's today. I was feeling a bit depressed today, and trust me, they know how to handle depression over there. Let's just say it involved a basket full of chocolate. xD

By the time I got home, I was feeling much better about life, and things just started to become clearer in my mind. I think everything will be fine.

I hope.

- Fae
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