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star-sailor (profile) wrote,
on 8-1-2008 at 1:07am
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Music: You Ain't Goin' Nowhere (Bob Dylan) - Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson
Subject: Words
I have a lot to say, and I shall say none of it.
Instead, I offer this.
There is this thing on Facebook called Donate Rice.
It works in a similar way to Free Rice.
I don't think they're affiliated, but hey, more rice for folks!
Anyway, this program lets you submit words/definitions to their database.
I decided that I would submit lots of the obscure words that I know.
All these words are beautiful in etymology, composition, and writing.
This is why I love writing and the English language.

picaresque adj. Fictional satiric novel dealing with the adventures of a roguish hero.
infanta n. The daughter of a king in Spain or Portugal.
parapet n. A low retaining wall.
m├ęsalliance n. Marriage with a person of inferior social position.
wastrel n. A person who wastes time or resources extravagantly.
balustrade n. A lining of short columns to support a rail on a terrace.
layabout n. A lazy person.
gadabout n. Someone who restlessly seeks the amusement or the companionship of others.
packets n. Boats which ply a regular route and carry passengers, freight, and mail.
gunwale n. The top edge of the hull of a ship, where it meets the deck.
Frigidaire n. Refrigerator.
laudanum n. An alcoholic extract of opium, used as medicine.
fecundity n. Fertility.
shiraz n. Wine made from black grapes.
charabanc n. A horse-drawn bus with open sides and no roof.
tender n. A means of payment or currency.
cardamom n. A spice used in medicine.
nubile adj. Of an age suitable for marriage.
disarray v. Thrown into disorder.
oligarch n. A very rich person.
demure adj. Quiet, modest, reserved, or serious.
sallow adj. A gray-ish yellow-green hue.
cherub n. An angel, usually depicted as a winged child.
devan n. A sofa or couch without arms or back.
pantaloons n. Trousers.
swaddle v. To wrap with bandages.
civvies n. Civilian clothes.
foyer n. Lobby.
pallenquin n. A boxlike litter used for passenger conveyance.
largess n. Generosity in the giving of gifts or money.
phalanx n. Heavily armed infantry collected closely together.
multitude n. A great amount or number of things.
rhapsodical adj. Extravagantly enthusiastic.
concertina n. An accordion.
tryst n. A secret meeting arranged by lovers.
Petrograd n. The city of St. Petersburg, Russia.
Decembrist n. A participant in or sympathiser of the Decembrist Revolt.
mariners n. Seamen
rake n. A man habituated to immoral conduct.
roustabout n. An unskilled laborer who lives by odd jobs.
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n. Unpaid debts.
Magistrate n. A civil officer charged with the administration of the law.
vestry n. A room in a church where the clergy put on their vestments
penitent adj. Sincerely affected by a sense of guilt, and resolved on amendment of life.
starboard n. The right side of a ship.
caravel n. A light sailing ship.
minaret n. A tall, slender tower.
czar n. A slavic emperor.
drab adj. Dull or uninteresting.
gallows n. Wooden framework used for hangings.
gallows n. Wooden framework used for hangings.
cannonade n. Artillery.
tain n. A thin layer of silver.
decanter n. A vessel used for liquor.
eunuch n. A castrated man.
samovar n. A metal urn used to heat water for making tea.
lee n. A protected cove or harbour.
taffeta n. Crisp, smooth, woven silk .
fen n. Wetlands.
ne'er-do-well n. One who is thought of as worthless.
peal v. To sound loudly.
tawny adj. Light brown.
cantina n. Bar.
semaphore n. Any visual signaling system with flags, lights, or mechanically moving arms.
mogul n. A rich and powerful person.
plastique n. An explosive.
caterwaul v. To howl or screech.
askew v. To turn or twist out of order.
dash v. To throw or strike something violently.
waylay v. To lie in wait.
loon n. Lout.
cincture n. A girdle or belt.
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