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star-sailor (profile) wrote,
on 8-4-2008 at 9:30pm
Current mood: accomplished
Music: I Just Got This Symphony Goin' - Fall of Troy
Subject: ...Admittedly...
You are a child. A deranged, ignorant, self-absorbed eight your old that is over the hill and is proud of your arrogance. It's INTOLLERABLE. You don't admit your own faults, ever, no matter how obvious they are shining in the bloody spotlight. You could literally break something in front of a crowd of witnesses, and still put of the guilt. You spend senselessly on cosmetic improvements to anything; it's not about how well something performs, or about how good of an idea something presents, but how pretty it looks. If it can impress others, it's obviously the keenest choice. You live on your own schedule. Nobody else has a life, and nobody else matters - just you. You do things at your own pace, and if that makes people unhappy, well that's certainly not your problem, is it? If it's not convenient for them, well, pity. You're faultless. You have no problems. You weren't late to work, the traffic was bad. You didn't forget to lock the door, I did. You didn't get a virus onto three computers in the period of a year, the computers did. You didn't get sick, someone poisoned you. You never listen. Someone might as well talk to the ceiling, because you won't hear a word of whatever jargon they're spewing out. And if you are listening slightly, you'll only listen to the parts that are interesting. You throw temper tantrums that would make six year olds ashamed. You're fifty years old, but when you get shown up in an argument you yell inanely and go to pout in your room. You hold a grudge for years when others completely forgot about what you're holding the grudge over. You can't interpret a single thing, conversationally, mentally, physically, emotionally, artistically, or whateverelsely. But you certainly pretend like it. You act like an expert. You're always right. You could give a well founded lecture on thermodynamic nuclear fission if you needed to, entirely cited and referenced in bullshit, just to attempt to prove a point to someone who may happen to be dumber than you. You believe every single thing you hear. You are paranoid, and assume that the world is crime ridden (which it is) and is entirely dead set on ruining your life (which it is not). You are religious but don't worship your God. You say you're healthy, but don't prove it. You say your influential, but can't say how you influence. You are... a lie. One big ball of lie.

I won't be truly free of stress until I'm free of this house.

(I guess I shouldn't have snuck, red. sorry.)
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