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faerin (profile) wrote,
on 8-7-2008 at 10:53am
Current mood: tired
Music: "Bye Bye Beautiful" by Nightwish
Subject: I should sleep. Sleep and dream.
I don't know. I have no clue why I'm still up. I was playing Runescape most of the night. *yawn* It's so hot in here and I'm so tired. I'm almost afraid to sleep in hopes that I'll get a call back today from the college because I called and left a message yesterday. Also my mom is apparently leaving today to go stay with her sister. I don't know if it's just for a few days or what, but I really don't want her to stay gone. This whole issue is dumb. On the other hand, there would be less fights with my parents, but still. I don't know. I just hope everything works out okay.

I don't know whether I'm happy or depressed lately. It's an odd feeling. Like, I get really depressing thoughts, but through all of it I still try to be happy. Meh. I'm happily miserable? Who knows? xD

I just want everything to turn out for the best and I want everyone to be happy. It seems like for everyone else to be happy, my happiness will always have to be put on hold. I'm through doing that. I don't take enough time to worry about myself because I put everyone else before myself. I need to think more about what I want, what will make me happy.

What I DO know... is that I'm going to bed. I can't even keep my eyes open right now.

- Fae
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