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duckie (profile) wrote,
on 8-8-2008 at 7:22am
I am eagerly awaiting a phone call to set up an interview at MC Sports. I'm not sure I can properly express how excited I am! I'm trying really really hard not to get my hopes up too high in case things don't work out in my favor, but it's proving to be quite difficult =x Any possible hope of getting away from Chase makes me ridiculously giddy *le sigh*

The only thing that I can see being an issue is that I've never had any kind of experience in a warehouse environment, but I do have Pj and his amazing mom backing me, so hopefully that will make up for the lack of experience.

So with that, I hope everyone has a good day. I'll be in hell for the next 10 hours, but it's Friday so maybe today will go by fast.
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