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faerin (profile) wrote,
on 8-10-2008 at 4:27am
Current mood: optimistic
Music: "Lithium" by Evanescence
Subject: Maybe it's finally clearing up.
I think I'm finally starting to grow up a bit. For the first time in a long time, I actually feel quite independent. If there's ever one thing my dad taught me that is a valuable life lesson it's that you can never rely on anyone else. You can only count on one person in this world, and that is yourself.

I FINALLY got registered for classes, after they FINALLY processed my credits. It turns out I earned five, not four. But hey, even better, right? Anyway, I have to go up there with John Monday so I can talk to someone in the financial aid department about how my grant won't kick in until early September, so I need them to hold my classes for me so I don't get dropped. Then once my grant kicks in, that should pay for full tuition and books. The only money I have to worry about it what I spend on myself personally for living, and trust me, not having money is an easy way to learn not to spend a lot of it on yourself. XD

So once I tell them this, everything should be all set and my classes should be starting August 25th. I'm excited! I'm going to have Calculus I Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, College Composition I Honors Tuesday and Thursday mornings, Intro to Visual Communications Wednesday evenings and German I Tuesday and Thursday evenings. It's amazing. Only 4 classes and they're worth 14 credits, and that's not including the 5 I've already earned. I'm a little worried about getting lost since I decided to challenge myself and take the higher classes, like calculus. I think that as long as I ask for help when I don't get something, I should be fine. We all know what this means. I get to go SCHOOL SUPPLY SHOPPING!! That's my favorite part of August, don't ya know?! Haha. I'm a nerd, so what?

It's probably a good thing that I'm going to try to keep my mind focused solely on school. I've been given such a great opportunity. Who cares if it's just a community college? I have an opportunity no one else in my family has had and I'm going to take advantage of every second of it! I'm going to put so much work into my education, because I WANT to get somewhere in life. I want to be able to get out of there, get a good job, and be able to stand on my own two feet. I'm finally learning how to be strong on my own, and that's a great feeling.

The only problem? Still can't drive. Hoping to change that really soon though, so I can get myself to class. Until then, I have to bike to class every weekday morning. Not that I mind that, though. I think a nice bike ride would be a good way to start off the day. :D Plus, if I bike, I don't have to pay for a parking pass. Haha. Oh well, I'll figure that all out when the time comes.

Until then, things seem to be going great. I've already seen minor changes in my every day life that make me view myself as a more responsible person. My sleep schedule is still a bit messed up again, but that's easily fixable. In fact, I think I'm going to play some playstation and then hit the sack. xP

- Fae
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