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faerin (profile) wrote,
on 8-16-2008 at 10:54am
Current mood: thoughtful
Music: "All I Ever Wanted" by Basshunter
Subject: Yeah. I'm original. xD
I am such a total sap. That's really all I have to say this morning. I just wrote this poem. Well, I don't even know if you could call it a poem. It's kind of just poetic thoughts. No scheme, no rhyming. Just my thoughts and feelings flowered with pretty words and nice imagery. It works. I suppose I like it. I highly doubt anyone will ever get to see it though. It's just one of those things that's really personal.

Maybe. We'll see how things go. I tried writing some edgier lyrics this morning, but after getting one verse down, I put it aside. If there's one thing I'm realizing lately, it's that my writing talent has sort of died. I can still write stories and anything else, but I used to be good with poetry. Maybe I just haven't been properly inspired lately. I'm finding it difficult to write anything edgy, despite the emotional issues I've been dealing with. It's odd. That's one thing that SHOULD be inspiring me. Perhaps I've just become too optimistic of a person to really draw heavily on less happy thoughts. Who knows? I'll give it another try later.

I had a rather interesting dream / nightmare this morning. There was one part where I was with like, a team of scientists and we were researching and taking notes on experiments we were performing with anti-gravity or something like that. Everything was upside down, and there was a certain procedure you had to take to get it that way. So yeah, I was taking notes for the team. That part was interesting.

Then I was dreaming inside of my dream. I can't really remember much of this dream in a dream except that there was a snowy, icy field, but it wasn't cold. I was there with the Phantom of the Opera [go figure]. But no, there was no dramatic music numbers or any lovey dovey stuff. He was just there, and I was following him. I don't think we even spoke, but yet he was trying to lead me somewhere. Then I remember grinding my teeth in my sleep [in the dream, not sure if I was in real life] and wondering why it felt weird. I also remember "Hearts on Fire" by HammerFall was playing. After a minute, I shot up out of sleep on the couch to the realization that there was something broken in my mouth. So I run to the bathroom and pull out whatever it is and it turns out that I had broken pieces of glass in my mouth. I wasn't bleeding, nor was I in any pain. In fact, all I was worried about was the glass messing up my teeth or breaking them. Odd. So I'm pulling this glass out and throwing it in the trash can in the bathroom, piece by piece. It was like, pieces of a broken brown glass bottle. I felt a piece go to the back of my throat and I began choking on it. I tried forcing it back up, but I could have tried harder. I honestly don't even remember feeling like I put much effort into it, where as in real life, I'd have freaked out trying to force it up and I'd shove my hand to the back of my throat and pull it out. Then after realizing that I was going to choke on glass and nobody would be around to know, I woke up. o.o It was a very strange dream. And yes, when I woke up, "Hearts on Fire" was playing in my headphones. xD

I think the choking on glass is a bit significant in an odd way. This may just be the crazy way my brain works, but it's almost as if my dream is saying that if I swallow my own words and choke back my feelings that it's only going to hurt or kill me in the end. I'm no dream interpretor, but currently, that's just what I'm going to make of it.

- Fae
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