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duckie (profile) wrote,
on 8-18-2008 at 12:19am
So apparently the HR woman from MC called me this morning. It was from an unknown number, and I never answer calls from an unknown number or a number that I don't recognize. 2 HOURS later, I got a voicemail. Naturally I called her back right away, and of course I get her voicemail. So, now I'll be lucky if I get a call back before 2pm when Ann leaves, which is who I'm assuming I'll be meeting with since Sue said that the assistant manager wanted to meet with me regarding open positions.

God damnit.

It would be REALLY great if my phone actually got reception in my own fucking home.

/end QQ's.

It was a really great weekend, btw. I hope that the week continues on that way.

I'm looking to get rid of my Sunfire because, well, I want something that's fun to drive, and to be honest, I don't feel like putting any money in to the car to get it fixed. I have a feeling that something seriously bad will go wrong with it, and I don't have the money or care enough about the car to get it fixed. Sooooooooo I looked on for a 5 speed that's in the area, and a lot in Holland has a 96 Jetta GLS for $3900. I fell in love. IN LOVE. It's white, which is perfect because it seems to fit the body style well. It's my favorite Jetta body style which is REALLY exciting. Power everything, SUNROOF, 103k miles, and it's a fucking Jetta. Cute as hell, imo.


I don't have 4k to spend however, and Idk how much I can get for a trade in with the condition my Sunfire is in. I also don't think I would be able to get financing because of my credit even if it's one of those places that says they can do financing for bad credit.

I still want to go look at it and drool a little bit =[ And have Pj test drive it for me, since he knows what a 5 speed is supposed to feel and sound like. Sigh.

I was just talking about how I love the older style Jettas too =[ I'd like to think this is some sort of sign, but I doubt it. It's just some higher power being a cock tease. For the cock that I don't have. Cunt tease? Hahaha. That works.
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