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1010101 (profile) wrote,
on 8-26-2008 at 10:30am
So, it was a long crappy summer spent primarily working for Meijer 40+ hours a week, and now my summary of everything that happened since my last update is mostly complete. Oh except for all the crap that happened recently.

So, there was some drama with the guy I was going to room with in the dorms ( I won't get into it but it's kind of rough) so through on odd series of convenient coincidences I wound up rooming with my friend Adam... an apartment!

So yeah I'm out of the dorms officially and now living on my own. I have my own room, two closets(one's a walk in! And it smells like cat pee >_> ), a parking space I don't have to walk 10 minutes to get to, oh and two cats. In short it's pretty friggin' awesome. Of course it turns out MSU isn't wild on students trying to get out of their housing contracts so that was a massive mess that took about 2 weeks to get out of (in fact the paperwork JUST cleared this morning)

My classes look pretty damn awesome so far. One is on performance art (you know, art where you go somewhere and do something weird to make people think and whatnot, like the free hugs campaign, or those annoying 'the truth' ads where they tell people smoking is bad (you know, in case people can't find the surgeon general's warning taking up half the box)).

Then there's my american studies class that I signed up for randomly to fill my College of Arts and Letters requirement. So I arrived there expecting some boring about how america is awesome/is the worst country in the world when I picked up the syllabus. Apparently, as it turns out, it's all about storytelling in pop culture. In other words, it's about pulp novels, comic books, vaudville, movies, tv shows, radio shows and other such things. Superman, Batman, The Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, and the X-men all appear on the syllabus. Tomorrow we'll be watching the show Supernatural in class, and later on we'll be watching an episode of Buffy. Basically the entire time my prof was explaining his class I was trying my hardest not to giggle like a little girl. I also had to strongly resist the urge to dance and sing on my way home.

Today I have logic and statistics for psychology students. Logic was alright. I expect stats to be lame, but meh. And now I'm basically stuck in the library looking for ways to kill time, hence my sudden appearance here after an absence of 4 months.

By the way, I've officially quit Meijer. It only took 4 years or so >_>. I also don't plan on coming back to Rockford next summer, not that I saw any of you this summer really (and that's really not meant to be as bitter as it probably sounds. I honestly really didn't hardly have the time to meet up with anyone anyway).

So yeah. just 2 hours and 10 minutes to kill before my next class. Weeeee...

...maybe I'll ambush a librarian somewhere or find a way to squish them in the motorized shelves....

...or I suppose I could, you know, read.

Take care everyone.
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