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faerin (profile) wrote,
on 8-30-2008 at 9:12pm
Current mood: anxious
Music: "Everybody's Fool" by Evanescence
Subject: Holy crap o.o
Ten days without blogging? What the hell is wrong with me? o.o Normally I'm used to totally neglecting things online because I get too caught up in the real world, but this is just weird, because normally this place is my sanctuary, the place I run to when I need to just rant my black little heart out. Yeah, I just totally killed a Lestat line, sue me.

Anyway, erm, nothing interesting has really happened in the past ten days. I started my college classes, which mostly explains my abscence. They're alright for the most part. I already have a calculus quiz next Wednesday that I'm totally nervous about, but I'm sure I'll live. I don't think college has really sunk in yet, except for the expensiveness of books and new problems that keep arising that I need to handle. Tomorrow is officially my day of rest. I think I'll go home tonight, work on my homework for the week and study for calculus. Then I can just enjoy the next two days peacefully.

I love that I usually have a morning class, am home by noon or so at the latest, get to relax all day, do some homework to get ahead on things, then go to an evening class, come home, then usually pass out within a few hours. 2/5 days I don't even have an evening class. I also love that there isn't one class that I have two days in a row, so I get a day break inbetween from each class.

But DAMN, books are expensive. Luckily I'm going to end up using a lot of these books again next semester. *Phew* The only thing I dislike about college so far is that because your classes are only for a semester, you have to get in the work in a shorter period of time, which is why after only 3 calculus classes, we're already getting quizzed. I ADORE my Honors College Composition I class so far though. The teacher seems ultramega cool and he's really interesting and easy to pay attention to. I don't find my thoughts drifting much in this class. I believe I also have a German quiz this week coming up. That one's alright though because I'm much more comfortable with learning language then an immense amount of numbers. o.o

Bah, sorry. I'm babbling. ^^;; Anyway, nothing is really new other than that. Problems in the household seem to be dying down a bit, as far as between me and my parents anyway. I think I'm acting a little more edgy around them lately because I'm tense, but because I'm at school on weekdays, we get our break from each other. Woot. I think I'm going to go home now. I'm sitting at Matt's house. He's sleeping. Poor him, hasn't slept all day until a few hours ago. I feel bad waking him up. :<

I kind of wanted to hang out with my sister tonight, do the girl's night in thing, but I think she had plans for the weekend because she hasn't gotten back to me. Oh well, it's a little late now. So yeah, I'm gonna go, hopefully find food when I get home, do some work, and get some rest.

I leave you with these few shots from Projekt Revolution 2008! Enjoy!

ASHES dIVIDE [Founded by Billy Howerdell of A Perfect Circle. Amazing!]

Chris Cornell

Linkin Park's backdrop with silhouettes

Chester Bennington of Linkin Park [My fave shot of the bunch]

- Fae
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