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mannlyguy (profile) wrote,
on 9-9-2008 at 8:40am
Current mood: astonished
Music: Disturbed-Indestructable
Subject: Holy crap
What in the world am I thinking, I haven't been on here in ages! Pretty much out of the blue it pops into my head, you haven't been on woohu in forever. So here I am america, back where it all began.....maybe not exactly but I don't really know what is going through my head so random words are just come out of my finger tips. I was at work all night and then I came here, home, la casa de me, whatever you want to call it. I need sleep yet I can not sleep when I get home so I surf the web for a while and watch some tv in the morning but there is nothing worth watching so it's pretty much channel surfing at that point. I play with the dog a little bit then go to sleep eventually so I can get back and go to work to start the process all over again. How many of you out there in the world go through the same thing....I see a lot of hands out there. Upon that note I believe it is channel surfing time so I will add woohu to my morning routine so I can make more use of the space I have and better acquaint myself with the world that is not my life. Peace
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