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Upchuck (profile) wrote,
on 9-24-2008 at 11:11pm
What is wrong with this picture?

A "compassionate conservative" at the start of his presidency, George Bush is now asking us to socialize the banking sector. I wouldn't be suprised if Canada was planning to invade because of some crazy domino theory that the rest of the free world will slip into a quasi-communist system.

But seriously folks. This is a little prepostrous and hard to swallow. McCain seems to be playing right into it. What if this gets worse? Then are we just going to suspend the election? Is it just me or does this have the potential to unravel the American government, and not jus tthe American economy? I guess it doesn't matter because after the bill pass they will be one and the same I guess.

And by the way, I do not see how this is going to affect me. I guess I can understand how a slow down in financial markets is going to impact investor confidence. I can also see how the reduction in credit is going to force business to not invest in costly new projects with a ton of risk. I can see that this will slow down "progress." But will it really matter? Not to me I don't think. As long as there is a job, then I will be okay. Now if were talking Great Depression proportions, then we might not be okay. But if we let things get that bad, then shame on our government. I know, it sounds kind of ironic. Not wanting the government to do something now, but wanting them to step in if it gets worse. Yes, it makes perfect sense in my little libertarian train of thought. This is why regulation is good. To prevent these kinds of things. We need a 21st Century Teddy Roosevelt. I'm sorry, McCain, you are not it. Maybe Palin, but her business suits scare me and make me think that all she would do for domestic security was wag her finger at a gun toting Iranian cab driver. It would be the worst pr mess since someone landed on an aircraft carrier declaring total victory.

Wall Street has no guilt and no shame. That is why I have no guilt and no shame. These guys should be sent to Wyoming, or Nebraska, or wherever (not Iowa because they get to vote for president there first, we don't want to give them anything ressembling power) to live out their days farming corn and soy beans. Then we should take all their private money and use it to bail out the firms that they've run into the ground. And then give ownership of those firms to the people who's mortgages are owned by those firms so that they are not getting screwed for missing a month's payment.

Then and only then can we turn our heads and watch "It's a Beautiful Life" on TV.
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