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jayzulla (profile) wrote,
on 11-2-2008 at 2:32am

done this1 million times but nobdy understands still. except mishy. kimbo = not shit and washed up. anderson silva is king. nobody will ever be as dominate as he was/is. 1:01 spinning back elbow knockout, who does that? no one. sickest move ever in mma. respect anderson or die.

edit. 4:45 is the sickest bjj triagle you will ever see in your life. and 6:02 is the most disgusting knockout you will ever see in your life. spiing beck
elbow. ouch!.

edit # 2. Spelling wasnt the best, but i still have to give him props. nobody will ever match his skill of fighting. kimbo is chump, lenser is chump, everybody ever is chump compared to him. regardless who it is, it could be fedor at 185 and andersons clinch is to good for anybody to withstand. his strikes are all sniper style. the just hit, and you feel it. love the man, many kudos. plz dont retire in 09!

edit # 3: im sure most of you know this already but i just want to say it. most youtubers (90.5%) of them are morons and try to ethug out.
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