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.j.e.s.s. (profile) wrote,
on 11-29-2008 at 10:15am
i am so fricken mad and upset

my backpack was stolen out of my car at jess's house. yes ii should have locked my car but i forgot to seriously for the like the only time ever. i never forget to lock it.

and i was even parked inside of her garage. who does that?

yeah and everything was in it... including an assignment that is a complilation of events that we had to go to throughout the semester with signed sheets by deaf people and/or hosts who were at the events. things i can't replace.

and papers i wrote that i saved on a flashdrive that was also in the backpack

and videos i recorded that were saved on a flashdrive that was in the backpack

and fucking books that are fucking expensive that i would have continued to use in the following like... 2 semesters. because we continue to use our books because all our classes are based on sign language.


i am so pissed and upset and i seriously take this as a sign just like i do everyting because ibelieve in that crap. i take it as a sign that maybe i'm not meant to be going for sign language because now my grades are probably not goign to be good enough to pass if i can't turn in my journal.


dfa;lfjdl;skfja;sdlfj;aksjf;asdjfl; fuck and i dont want to be here at work . fuck this. and i swear to god i'm gonna fuckin throw a boulder at this stupid radio that i can't reach because it is playing christmas music and it is so fucking stupid.adsfd;skfjadl;sfjd;sfjasdlfajdksfjadl;sfjadl;sfjdfj
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