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c-ramon-otero (profile) wrote,
on 12-11-2008 at 6:51am
Current mood: excited
Music: Thoughts of a Dying Atheist - Muse
Subject: And it scares the hell outta me And the end is all I can see
Nothing too much. We finally got in touch with Mike. He is on the boat, as I had thought. He will be here this weekend.

I am very excited. I think I found a cure for my money problems. But, do I want to go to "them" for help? It would make my traveling easier. I need to decide soon.

In Megaman 9 related news, I have defeated 3 of the first 8 robot masters. This is an achivement. These and the first megamans are ridiculous to the point that you want to kill yourself... Ummmm... Yes...

EDIT: 7:00 PM

I, although very frustrated, managed to beat the first 8 Robot masters! WOOT!

But, alas, Wily's castle is very very difficult... Eryn said she was gonna hide everything i can inflight harm on myself with.
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