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duckie (profile) wrote,
on 12-14-2008 at 1:23am

She keeps making references to me being fat? How does that not make HER insecure? I never once said anything negative about the way she looks. I also never claimed to be some kind of model or beauty queen, but really? Who in this day and age seriously go out of their way to call someone fat every ten seconds without having some kind of serious insecurities about themselves?

I laughed in her face every single time, even though after hearing it idk how many times now, it's just starting to get under my nerves. If I had a serious weight issue, then I wouldn't be capable of brisk walking for around 8 hours a day like my job requires. Not only that, but being seriously over weight is not exactly attractive. If I wasn't at least remotely attractive, I can guarantee that I wouldn't be in a relationship right now. I don't care WHO you are, but to have a relationship that will work and last, there has to be SOME level of attraction between the two people involved in said relationship.

Little girls can go fuck themselves.

/end rant.

Tomorrow I'm tempted to take pictures of the texts with my cam cam just to post them for future comic relief. The only thing that I keep calling her is a dumb cunt or a dumb bitch =] That's only insulting her so called intelligence/common sense which is the only thing worth insulting since looks do not determine who a person is.

I need to find female Michigan friends who don't fail at every aspect of life, IMO. Wisconsin only has 3.
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