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loserxdork (profile) wrote,
on 1-28-2009 at 1:25am
Just thought I would stop by every now and then to say whats up, and let everyone know that I am alive. I am alive, doing semi-well. Still working the crappy Telemarketing job that I hate, and I just recently got another job. That one is a babysitting job that starts in March, hopefully my boss will let me keep my job now as well. I'm still with Joe (it was 3 years in August) and that's about it. I'm living with my mother, her "friend" and her daughter which is complete suckage but I deal. I spend a lot of time with Joe, I speak to my dad....occasionally. He still doesn't call me, ever but whatever I deal. I guess I've just learned that is the way he is and I can't get mad, well, I can but I can't take it out on him because nothing will ever change. Well, that is really it!
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