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brutisimo (profile) wrote,
on 1-31-2009 at 3:58pm
Music: MGMT
Subject: wellwellwell
Ok, so I haven't been online much this week...or at all. it seems that whne ther is crap on my desk or it my computer chair is covered, i dont get on my of me are still super lazy i guess.

last night i went to taste of thai w/ brad and we had 2 delish dishes, and even though i was afraid beforehand that it would be weird or awkward, it wasnt, it was fun. I shouldnt have been apprehensive i guess since bowling was good last sunday. everything could just change in a second and that is scary. i want it to change i think, but i also like what i have and dont want to lose it...waah i know, you have a great friend who you like spending time with alicia, big problems there. he is coming to the superbowl party we are having at rum runners tomarrow too...yay

now i am off to GR to help choreograph the dance for anne's wedding...i am not too great, but maybe i will help lower the difficulty.

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