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magalicious (profile) wrote,
on 2-18-2009 at 8:16pm
Current mood: blank
I'm standing on the dock, with the sun beating on my neck. The waves are crashing against the pier and I'm staring into the bottom of the ocean. The people are gone. There is just me, the waves, the sun, the gulls, the ocean. Standing. Sitting. Waiting. Hoping. Contemplating jumping the ten feet into the darkness below. To dive right in, to have the water cleanse me, to have everything washed away. To feel the fish brush past my legs, to feel the seaweed get wrapped around my arms, to feel the salt water against my skin. I want to have the courage to swim through the lobsters and the sharks. I stand up and climb onto the post that the ferry's get tied to. With a deep breath, I scream, and I dive into the water.

Fear is only as deep as the mind allows.
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