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jayzulla (profile) wrote,
on 3-3-2009 at 1:56am
Subject: Whoa.... its been a few days
Yawn, i am fuckin tired. I still have enough energy to post though.

MSU has clinched the big ten title and only needs one more win to secure them as the full blown winners. and considering they play indiana (1-15 big ten record, the worst team) next it should be a gravy train to that title. cant wait to get my bracket for march madness, maybe ill actually win some money this year!

When i was making my way home the other night, i saw a car in the cemetary parking lot. this cemetary is only about 200 feet up the road from my house so i was wondering what in the hell they were doing there at 12:30 at night. as i drive by i notice that there is a fucking fire in the cemetary! i go home wait about 10 minutes, and here comes the fire truck roaring by. needless to say didnt appear that much was damaged, but still pretty crazy. i assume it was a pagen sacrifical ritual where a goats blood had been spilled in the hopes someones loved one would return to them. Fucking cultist.

Edit: I got pretty sweet at street fighter 4. pretty dope game. however, if you get pissed off when you lose in fighting games, i suggest getting high before you play. you might want to break a controller otherwise. ^^
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