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taoman1121 (profile) wrote,
on 3-3-2009 at 7:14pm
Current mood: still sober
Music: The Shins - Split Needles
Subject: oh won't you do me the favor man/of forgiving my poly-morphing opinion here
Amidst all the stress of attempting to schedule (and re-schedule) my oral examination ("it's kind of a big deal 'round here"), one piece of good news surfaced today... we may actually have a faculty member with some experience in gambling research starting this fall. It doesn't appear it's a major research interest of his going forward (he's into stimulus equivalence right now), but I heard a rumor that he's open to doing some research if student(s) are interested. Not sure how far it'll go, but at the very least I'll probably end up with a new committee member.

I got some flashes today of enthusiasm for what's going to happen in the new couple of years with this program. Getting the area paper done, actually conducting some gambling research, and eventually getting that dissertation defended... this whole orals process has got me reflecting both on the past and the future. For one of the first times since I've starting at QC, I can envision the end of the road, and, just as exhilarating (OK, not as exhilarating), the process by which I'll reach that goal. Who knows, I may actually end up with a job that I actually like/love when this is all said and done. Just as long as I have to wheelbarrow full of money to show for it...

Off to catch up on Terminator: TSSC. For some reason, it's sucked since the spring premiere, which I still want explained to me. Maybe this week's will be better...
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