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skippi16 (profile) wrote,
on 3-4-2009 at 10:23am
there was no real news the last time so here is the 411....

Im back to working 40hours a week and im glad. We are moving to a duplex a few blocks away in about a week which is awesome because there is more room and a garage for the boy to play in.

The chemotherapy treatment has so far went very well, my hcg levels are going down like they are supposed to. the good thing is side effect wise i only get nausiated. im just glad it was early and nothing too bad realy happened. i mean think about it a few more weeks and i could have died! its scary to think about. Unfotunetly as part of my treatment i can drink, or have ANY fun until my levels are at 0!! which is about 3-4 weeks....uck i just hope tj can wait that long if you know what i mean

Life in general is good right now, i really cant complain, but give it a week im sure i'll find something

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