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.j.e.s.s. (profile) wrote,
on 3-16-2009 at 1:03pm
i feel very unproductive today. i'm at work but there is like nothing to do.... i tried designing my own wedding program and it really would be good if i could work out the few little problems..but i really think i need a program better than PUBLISHER. bleh

i dont know when i am going home today.. by 2 or soemthing. we are supposed to find out today if roman got the new job/position and i really really hope he did. ahh that would be so good. yeah so hopefully we know today.

i had this awful dream last night where it all of a sudden was my wedding day and i had a million things not done like nothing to put in the bathrooms, no programs, no flowers, i had to do my own hair, a million things it was awful lol. so yes i want to be sure that like 3 weeks before i have EVERYTHING done. i am not a last minute person- i hate that feeling!

i've been trying to get on woohu all morning lol cuz i just really wantedto update for some reason but it was down earlier. boo.

i am really looking forward to the nannying job i have lined up in may. can't wait because it will be a good change of pace. and babies yay i love babies.

been taking the puppies to the dog park lately i love it there. so fun. and roxy is finally getting a little more social with other dogs lol.

so i have this sweet neighbor that we've became friends with (and his fiance too) but he is a computer programmer and he's been doing all this stuff for free for us that he usually charges $100 or more for... he made my computer like brand new it is so fast now. and he put some really cool stuff on romans computer, gave it more memory and made it faster. all this stuff for free. it was so nice of him! we lucked out and really got some nice neighbors thank goodness because you never know when you move in who you will live near.

so yeah... thats life right now. i suppose.
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