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duckie (profile) wrote,
on 3-17-2009 at 1:41pm
So I finally sucked it up and applied at GRCC for their associates nursing degree program.

I'm terrified.
Of not getting accepted.
Of failing.
Of not being able to hold the GPA that is required.

In other news... I got fucked over by my job, so I'm currently job hunting like it's cool. It sounds like I'll be getting an interview with National City Bank, but I haven't heard anything for sure yet. Hopefully though I will get a phone call this week.

I finally got all of my taxes back though, so that should hold me over bill-wise at least for the next two months. I pray to god I'll have a job by then.

My car is all sorts of fucked up, and I was going to get it fixed with my tax return, but obviously that won't be happening. I also wanted to get my digital SLR, and that isn't working out either :[

I'm basically feeling rather discouraged about life in general. At least things with my love, friends, and family are wonderful. Aside from Kelly leaving in less than a month [sad face].

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