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c-ramon-otero (profile) wrote,
on 3-26-2009 at 12:06am
Subject: Learned Bums Rush
So, listening to Beck and Sleepercar really influences different styles of writing. Like this song;

Learned Bums Rush
I was born
Damn I was bred
With not a song in my heart
Or that bounce in my step

Well you know it don't matter none
I once met love, so early its done
But I don't walk alone
I got my friends to take me home

I'll smile again my friend, cause this ain't the end

Well you know it don't matter none
I once met love, so early its done
But as long as there's strength in my bones
Damn, I know I won't be alone

Once was my Mecca, Once was my home
But I've learned that life still goes on

But wait there is more.

The Morrow
Born through the Mecca.
Absolved through faith.
The begotten is what I am.
The begotten is what I fear.

Was it the morrow that left me for dead?
It doesn't matter now, cause I drifted away.
The springs are flowing as dams are breaking.
The dead come wandering, looking for my home.

If only time could be still.
If only I was left behind.
The purge would be fleeting.
The pain would be left to those who wait.

Song for if I was cursed.
Song for if I was damned.

Meccas Vi Arandez, he knows my name.
Feared damnation, Feared loathing.

I pray,
Let me roam, let me live.
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