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superheromindo (profile) wrote,
on 3-28-2009 at 3:32am
Music: Taylor Davis
Subject: Fraternity venting time
So, I dont know if I've mentioned it before, but I am currently President of SHSU's chapter of Sigma Alpha Iota, which is an international music fraternity for women. Yes, it's a fraternity. I could explain WHY it is a fraternity, but that's not the purpose of this post. The purpose of this is that it is the place that is least likely to be found by someone who may take offense from this information.

So. I love being president most of the time. Really. It is fun to run meetings and have a big part in the rituals and feel like I'm making a difference in our little community. Most of the time, the biggest problem I have is trying to schedule fraternity events around every little event taking place in the music building. And there are a lot of them. Last semester, because of Hurricane Ike, I had to reschedule EVERYTHING at least twice, and half of the stuff ended up not happening at all. It sucked, hardcore. The only other aspect of being president that I may have an issue with is dealing with everyone's small problems. Like I dont have enough of my own, right? It's not like I've just lost my job and may still be arrested for selling alcohol to a minor, or that I've got my own classes and practicing that really needs to happen but rarely ever does. Of course not. There is some small part of me that hates having to listen to everyone complain about what they have going on, and what they feel like the fraternity should be doing, when they are so unwilling to do anything about it their self. Why can't people just take some kind of action? It's what I try to do most of the time! Sometimes it just takes some initiative. They can't be expecting me to do everything that needs to get done in the chapter. Seriously.

The other thing going on right now is a bit of drama between a few of the sisters. One girl, Leslie, is having issues keeping up with her extra-curricular things, but since we are aware of the reason (a really traumatic childhood leading to serious depression issues), we've forgiven her lack of attendance at fraternity events. She's basically gone inactive. However, another sister, Allyson, has taken Leslie's withdrawal from life very personally. And Allyson is unfortunately the kind of girl who allows very little room for error in people, and is completely unable to let go of a problem, and gets personally offended very easily. This normally isn't a problem until you get on her bad side, which Leslie has done. Now every move Leslie makes is a personal attack on Allyson, and everything that goes wrong for Leslie is "karma." Stupid, as if everything Leslie does now is related to Allyson in some way. It's ridiculous, all around, and I wish Allyson would grow up. I had no idea this was going on until last night when Leslie told me about it. Apparently now Allyson is harassing her via text messages, and I believe her because Allyson had a similar problem with a girl in the chapter last spring. Luckily, the girl was transferring so we never had to actually deal with the problem. But anyway, back to Leslie. She had just talked to our province officer about this, and by doing so has taken the ability to deal with the situation away from me and given it to the powers that be on the national level. I actually don't mind, because if some sort of disciplinary action comes from them and not from me, I stay out of Allyson's path of destruction. Hopefully.

The good news is that things in general for the chapter are finally looking up! We have several projects planned for the next few months, some bigger than others, and our national convention is this summer! Because I got elected president again for next year (woo!), I get to go to convention as the voting delegate, and the chapter pays my way. I'm super excited. I've never been to Chicago, and now I get a week there for free! But that's what's going on. I was trying to get to sleep and just had an urge to get this out in the open somehow. By writing things (or typing things) down, I'm able to get them out of my head, or at least take a step back and get a new perspective on a situation. And I'm sorry if this seems a little loopy. Again, it's pretty early in the morning.

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