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mudpiegrl (profile) wrote,
on 4-18-2009 at 8:44pm
Current mood: happy
Boy, has life taken an interesting turn of events.

I was concerned i was not going to graduate, which i am now sure i will.

I am not a wallowing, lonely girl anymore. I accepted that i am too poor for a boyfriend and i need to get my life together before i can get one.

then i did. sort of. i think. maybe.

regardless, he made my night and morning super awesome.

i couldn't be happier right now, i think.

if i could, i welcome it. but i know that frequently brings horror. I am focusing on not allowing stress to get to me. it barely bothers me when i'm late to class and i don't care what people at school think of me anymore. it helps.

i was right to think about how i felt in hs. while i am more grown up, it's good to revert to the making yourself happy by doing things you want to do. i like to go to museums and to the lake and read books and trust me. doing those things rocks. by myself. and grocery shopping! yay!

so long story short: i am happy and it's awesome.
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