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c-ramon-otero (profile) wrote,
on 4-20-2009 at 10:15pm
Music: Plug in Baby - Muse
Subject: I'm ready to consume.
Soooooooo, promotions are stressful as shit... No surprise there though.

Holy shit though, did not realize that I have been single for a year pretty much now. Man, time flies when you work third shift and have good friends.

Though living at home is a bit of a drag, the lack of bills is pretty badass.

Band stuff - Going pretty good. Josh and Scott want to start a band with me and Jimmy, Rabbit Hat Habitat. Kinda fun ridiculous music, with a hint of country.

Oh anywho, been really chilled lately, which is a nice change. Though I think you can tell that I'm still as scatterbrained as always. Nothing wrong with that, though when I'm trying to tell the servers what it is exactly I want them to do.

I do so enjoy being artistic again.

I love Kingdom Hearts II and Fire Emblem.

Oh I was told I was going to hell for smoking a cigarette that had, "I AM GOD. Forever", written on it. Oh I savored that.
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