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oceanchild (profile) wrote,
on 5-11-2009 at 6:04pm
When I was on the bus the other day from yoga to work, a girl got on at the last on-campus stop and started talking to the bus driver in Spanish -- he very fluently, she less so. He handed her a silver cylinder with ribbed sides and a long slender thing that looked like a skinny, angular tuning fork with a few extra tines. Turns out it was a percussion instrument used for mariachi music, and he spent a while explaining to her the different ways it could be played to accompany different styles of music. She noodled around with it for a while, with him coaching. A few stops before mine she struck up a pretty solid rhythm and the bus driver started singing La Bamba. When he got to the chorus he shouted "Everybody now!" and everyone else on the bus started singing La Bamba too.

Just before I got off they finished La Bamba and launched into Twist and Shout; I could still hear the singing as the bus pulled away and I walked in to work with a smile on my face.
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