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kandy (profile) wrote,
on 5-24-2009 at 9:11pm
Music: whatevers on tv
Well its been a long time I posted. I don't even know what all's going on anymore. I realize now that high school was definitly different than I thought. There was alot going on that I didn't know or realize. But again that was then. I'm still friends with certain people, others I could honestly care less. I'm married and working towards a divorce because he wasn't what I thought he was. He's not a bad person... just too much like my dad for me. I found a good guy who I'm living with. Far, far away from everything I've known. Its kinda nice although I tend to miss my other friends. Life is pretty much changed for me, everything is just different now. The only constant in my life has been some friends and my puppy. But that can only get you so far... *sighs* well... yeah. I'm still me, but I'm so different. And that doesn't make sense in my own head.... lol. well maybe someday it will....
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