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rek (profile) wrote,
on 6-6-2009 at 4:30pm
a hollow point here
is much smaller than before
on the shallow front

my vapidity
grows as i relax, head is
a cheap velvet rag

i am aging and scared
i grow cold as i saw then
copacetic now.

overused eyes, they
deteriorate quickly
when focused inside

my taste in music
ceased to grow when i left here
paris was silence

marble walls and those
tourists who were just there to
brag that they were there

i miss monet trees
warm eggs, good chocolate, and
life in a painting

but what i have now
is not to be doubted or
thrown out like nothing

this history is
my own, age is compelling
wish i could fight it

feeling like this tree
white and dead in a marsh pond
dry, weak, immobile
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