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butterfly (profile) wrote,
on 6-19-2009 at 11:15pm
Current mood: complacent
Music: Raven's Land - Voltair
Me oh my it has been awhile, hmm?

I'm single. I'm back to working. Some days I do great, others I want to cry my eyes out from pain.
Some days I walk awesomely, others I limp around like my grandmother. I hate walking from the back to the front of the store, and back again. When people see me limping, I always think that they think I'm mocking someone, so I feel bad. Therefore I work really hard on not limping. Sometimes it's rather impossible.

I signed up for classes again.
I decided to get another degree, besides my business one, in psychology. I think I want to teach. But I think I want to like... do businessishy things.
The decisions kill me!

I had a recent surgery on my knee, marking the fifth. A wire had broken and was doing bad things to my tendons, but like... they took it out. And it's still doing the same thing that we had the surgery to fix.
So my surgeon/doctor gave me a shot of cortisone in my knee [which hurt far too bad to want that to make things better, for I want no more. ever.]
We're giving that a month to work. If not, we're going to see what else we can take out and rearrange. Joyous.

Ashley and Lacey ran away to South Dakota. Lacey met this guy off of Speeddate on Facebook. They hit it off rather well, I guess. They had known each other for a week, maybe two, and he came down. Now it's her turn to go up. He put his two weeks in last friday, and then he's moving down as soon as he gets things together. I guess he's probably moving in here, though our house is far too little for four people.
If he gets a job around here, he'll stay. If not, he and Lacey are moving away.
If he stays, I'm moving out with Jacob. If he and she move, Jacob is moving in here. I'm pretty excited, either way.

I found out today I get a forty cent raise, starting August fifth =]
That's exciting; I was happy.
I got "far exceeds expectations" on my evaluation papers. Because I'm awesome like that.

Hmm. Dusty and I dated for like... less than a month. That just... was weird. It was all new and exciting at first, but then I was like, "Dusty... meh." He was very much my friend, as opposed to my boyfriend. It hit awkward land really fast.
So... been single since April 30th. (Yes. We broke up the day after my birthday. It was sad.)
I have definitely hit the tired-of-being-alone status.
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