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lac42 (profile) wrote,
on 7-15-2009 at 9:31am
Current mood: nostalgic
Music: "Emaline"- Ben Folds
Subject: "I wish it was last September/ when we could lose ourselves in crowds everyday"
I spent a great morning reminiscing about the good ole days with Emma as we strolled down the lovely great lake shore. We talked about how sad it was that couldn't even get all of our old friends together for an afternoon. I had a bit of a revelation today, though. Maybe we've just drifted too far apart for that. I can't force friendships if the other half isn't interested. I hoped the "picnic extravaganza" would be a good excuse to get everyone together, but I guess not. I guess all I can do is enjoy the great friendships I still have, and hope to find some great connections in Ann Arbor. I think my peace bracelet might be working :)
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