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.j.e.s.s. (profile) wrote,
on 7-15-2009 at 11:05pm
All about yourself...the survey.
Created by adawg and taken 427924 times on Bzoink
All about yourself...
First name?:: jessica
Middle name?:: michele
Like your name?:: yes
Named after anyone?:: no
Any nicknames?:: jamal, j, jessa
Age?:: 21
Birthdate?:: 3.8
Birthplace?:: grand rapids
Time you were born?:: 8.31 am
Current location?:: my home
Height?:: 5.0
Like your height?:: no, i wish i was a little taller
Eye color?:: blue
Contacts/glasses?:: neither
Hair color?:: brown
Natural hair color?:: brown
Dye your hair often?:: about 3 times a year because i get bored
Righty or lefty?:: lefty
Your favorite...
Type of music?:: depends on my mood. When I am awake and ready to go out then it would be hip hop/rap etc, when i'm ready for bed it's classical, when i'm sad it's r&b/pop
Band or singer?:: ummmm i dont know
TV show?:: greys anatomy
Movie?:: i guess step brothers
TV channel?:: ?
Radio station?:: none
Place to be?:: out with friends/ family
Thing to do?:: be iwth friends/family
Food?:: pizza/chocolate
Non alcoholic drink?:: diet pepsi
Alcoholic drink?:: bahama mama, vodka and sprite
Animal?:: dogs, cats, swans
Holiday?:: my bday or christmas i guess i duno
Season?:: spring summer or fall
Sport?:: sport? hmmm
Place to shop?:: vanity, forever 21, charlotte russe, marshalls, old navy, target... theres many
Clothing brand?:: none
Scent?:: as far as perfume- enchanted orchid from BBW or baby phat umm i can't remember what its called but i love it
Restaurant?:: olive garden or frankie v's
Fruit?:: apples or bananas
Vegetable?:: potatos, corn
Fast food restaurant?:: arby's i suppose
Pizza topping?:: none, just cheese really
Ice cream flavor?:: mint chocolate chip
Magazine?:: i duno
City?:: haven't visited enough to know
Color?:: blue
Number?:: 2
This or that...
Chocolate or vanilla?:: chocolate except for cake or ice cream
Pepsi or coke?:: diet pepsi
Hot or cold?:: ?
Black or white?:: black
Dog or cat?:: dog
French toast or pancakes?:: french toast
French fries or onion rings?:: french fries
Hamburger or hot dog?:: hamburger
Pepperoni or sausage?:: pep
Britney or Christina?:: britney
McDonalds or Burger King?:: burger king
50 Cent or Eminem?::
Canada or Mexico?:: canada i think
Hug or kiss?:: hug
Movies or TV?::
Truth or dare?::
Do you...
Shower daily?:: yes
Sing in the shower?:: no
Like to sing?:: in my car
Like to dance?:: yeah
Smoke?:: no
Drink?:: on occasion
Cuss?:: sometimes
Talk to yourself?:: not really
Believe in yourself?:: ?
Play an instrument?:: yes
Go to school?:: starting on the 27th
Go to college?:: " "
Have a job?:: yeah
Like your job?:: most of the time
Want to get married?:: am
Want to have kids?:: yes
Get along with your parents?:: yeah
Get along with your siblings?:: yeah
Drive?:: yeah
Do you think you're trustworthy?:: yes
Think your funny?:: sometimes
Ever toilet papered someones house?:: yes
Gone garbage can tipping?:: no
What are your parents names?:: stacey and michael
Siblings names?:: brandon shannon stefanie
Do you wash your hands frequently?:: yes
How many time a day do you brush your teeth?:: 2
Collect anything?:: no
Ever been in love?:: yeah
In love right now?:: yeah
What color pants are you wearing right now?:: grey
How does your hair look?:: up in pony tail
Ever had your heartbroken?:: yeah
Ever broken the law?:: yeah
Been arrested?:: no
Been out of the country?:: yea
Can you stick your fist in your mouth?:: no
When was the last time you got drunk?:: umm i cannot remember
Do you do drugs?:: no
When was the last time you were high on anything?:: n/a
Do you prefer the lights on or off?:: off-save energy
Would you ever get plastic surgery?:: yes
Do you prefer boxers or briefs?:: boxers
Do you like to laugh?:: yes
Ever had a bloody nose?:: no
Have you ever caught a fish?:: yes
What was the last thing you ate?:: hamburger helper
What time do you go to bed?:: depends
What's your favorite color?:: blue
Do you like to give or recieve?::
Are you obsessed with anything/anyone?:: my dogs probably
Do you live alone?:: no
Do you own a blender?:: yes
Do you like the snow?:: i like how it looks but nothign else
Ever been up a mountain?:: no
Ever been rootin'?:: ?
Do you like surprises?:: yes
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