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HyruleanHero1988 (profile) wrote,
on 8-20-2009 at 11:24am
Music: Slint - Breadcrumb Trail
I remember a dream I had last night. Heather, Sam, and I were all at my house very late at night. I was walking up my stairs, and happened to glance out the window above my front door. I caught a glimpse of the full moon, and what I saw frightened and amazed me. The moon was covered in a spider web-like lattice pattern. I called my friends outside to see what I was seeing. At first they didn't even notice. When I pointed it out to them, Heather was amazed, Sam seemed unimpressed. I started musing about what could cause such an amazing phenomenon. It was confusing my eyes to see such a thing, so I covered one eye to try to get better focus on the moon. As I was staring at the moon with my hand over one eye, my vision began to fade. All I could see was a psychedelic mixture of colors and patterns, sort of like Milkdrop or something, but much, much more vibrant and wonderful and amazing and confusing. Every now and then coherent images would come into view, the only specific one I remember was our former president JFK, but he had turquoise hair, and he was grinning broadly like he held an important secret that he wouldn't tell any of us, and he was rotated 90 degrees clockwise. Many of the psychedelic patterns were made up of vibrantly colored and rotating paisley designs (You have no idea how long it took me to figure out what that design was called, but that is definitely what the things in my dream looked like). It was all amazing and new and super natural to me, and I was so happy that it was happening. An adult male appeared at my side, and said that the design on the moon was the result of the sun beams passing close to the earth on their way to the moon and passing through a large cluster of electrical wires to form the design on the moon. This idea seemed so stupid to me that I began to mock him for offering such a lame explanation for such a wondrous phenomenon, and I was actually irritated that he would try to explain what was happening in such a grounded, logical way, like there was any natural way to explain this occurrence. After mocking him mercilessly, I told him about the covering your eye trick and asked him to explain that phenomenon. He refused to try it at all, instead asserting that whatever I was explaining was all in my head and had nothing to do with the moon at all. I realized he was too trapped in his iron cage of rationality to ever admit when something truly amazing was happening, and instead of enjoying a miracle, all he would do with the opportunity would be to try to explain it away. I dismissed him, and went on to ignore him, enjoying the amazing light show in the sky, and the last thing I remember, I was exclaiming to my friends, "You guys, oh my God, if I was on DXM right now, I could not take this. I would be freaking the fuck out. This is just too much! It would be amazing to behold though...."

This is not the first of such dreams I have had about this sort of thing. I often dream of supernatural occurrence in the sky. Celestial bodies doing strange, unbelievable things, holes opening up in the sky with psychedelically colorful borders, the sky changing from night to day rapidly, as in day and night each lasting only about a second each. I remember in that specific dream, the transition sped up, until it seemed as the sky had broken, and there were patches of night and day in the same sky, but the borders were very strict, like pixels. It reminded me of a cartridge game glitching up, and you get two overlapping backgrounds. It was like that, but with night and day. I also have dreams of seeing UFO type objects often. I wonder where this fascination with the sky comes from? I'm always so amazed and excited in these dreams. I always feel like I am appreciating the occurrence more than any one else around me seems to be. In fact, most people never seem to notice. I still am impressed by celestial objects in waking life as well. The moon is an amazing object, and I feel a connection to my deceased grandfather when I look at it sometimes. We used to gaze at the moon together, and he'd tell me about the face in the moon, and he'd sing me a song that went something like, "I see the moon / the moon sees me / God bless the moon / and God bless me." I remember as a very young child, sitting in a car seat in the back of our car, on the way home from my grandfathers, or anywhere really, I'd see the moon chasing our car, always keeping up, and I always felt that the moon was some sort of friend. A powerful friend who was always watching over me and keeping me safe.

Now, after what Heather showed me in the telescope, and our mutual appreciation for the moon and it's beauty, I feel a deeper connection to her, knowing that she appreciates the sky and its wonder and mystery the same way I do. I've never had a dream in which she ignored a phenomenon. In fact, when I walk with her at night, she always understands when I want to just stop and gaze at the moon. It's so amazing.... and so is she. Her appreciation for natural beauty and finding mystery and intrigue in things science has "explained" already is one of the many, many reasons I love her. I needed to find someone that could think logically and mystically simultaneously. A world without mystery is a very boring place indeed.

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