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acidtears (profile) wrote,
on 8-24-2009 at 5:00pm
Current mood: content
Music: "Sleepwalking" By: Analog Sway
Sleep walking through the party
Just like everybody
Your denim was your weapon
Shhh everybody listen.
Your boots a deadly venom...
Your lust was your addiction
You ask for no permission and
My body is the victim

Your eyes met mine across the room then

She knew she had me so she started dancing over slowly
She smiled at me as my jaw dropped to the floor.
I stood speechless and still
She went right for the kill
She took my hand and whispered,
I can show you so much more

Twist my lips in submission
From all your k k kissin
You got what Ive been missin
Shhhh boys just keep on wishin
Tonight youre on a mission
Keep me on one condition
That this becomes tradition
My body is the victim

Your eyes meet mine across the room then

Sleepless dreaming, sleepless feeling
When I saw her dance
I saw her dancing
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