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sweetyas (profile) wrote,
on 8-23-2009 at 9:50am
Music: Noses of Random chinese boy
Subject: China!
So I have arrived in China. Really so far not that exciting ( I mean it is but an airport is an airport). I don't speak chinese and no one speaks english, so that puts me in awkward situation. I think I keep on getting ripped off but what can you do? I dont know how much it should cost to sit at an interent cafe? or how much tea is or a sim card! But being able to e-mail my parents and go online for a little bit will hopefully make this 12 hour layover a lot easier!

The tea here is weird! Like alot of weird! It just leaves with hot water. I will get used to it but really not gotta let it simmer and mix together. Whatever I will get used to it and hopefully learn chinese.

So facebook, myspace, and blogging is banned in China. Totally suprised that this website is available (but I dont think anyone uses it). Which is good for me cause I wanted a place to write about my experiences.

I met a really nice girl named becca in LA and she helped me navigate the airport and get everything all set. Without her I would have probably failed some sorta Chinese regulation but overall everything was fine. If you have any type of flu they will quarantine you for 7 days until you are better! (the whole H1N1 influenza scare). I am not sick but the one moment I wanted to cough was infront of the passport lady!!

Everyone told me chinese food was terrible but so far it was good. (Airplane food does not count as chinese food and this terrible tea doesn't either). I had some bao? I dont know what its called (yet!) but its like the bao they sell on the first floor of water tower place. It was delicious, although, I couldn't make out the meat (just hope it wasn't pork, the girl asked for me but not sure the guy understood).

The chinese people are idk. They are very focused on themselves and its obvious. They don't really have customer service here but I really haven't met anyone terrible yet. On the plane, the men helped me with my bag but they weren't very nice about it (except the old man sitting next to me, sadly we didn't exchange one word because of the language barrier).

So I still have 8 hours until my plane even boards! I wish I was rich to spend the time in a hotel but an internet cafe is the best that I can do.

I remember telling my mom, I don't need to take that much food with me on the plane ride...totally should have taken much more because now that I realize I don't really know what is going on and that food is a difficult thing to access I am totally thankful for my mom!

This whole experience is helping me access how difficult it was for my parents to move to america! I know this temporary and I already have a job and I don't have it isn't at all like their experience. At the same time, I dont speak chinese and they spoke some english so I guess that helps bring the two fields closer. Nonetheless, the hardships my parents felt are still greater than what I will be feeling here!

This should be interesting!
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