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devourhotpockets (profile) wrote,
on 9-24-2009 at 11:37pm
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I found this scrawled in the back of one of my notebooks and for a long time didn't even remember doing it:

I come in at 6:30 on the dot and there are a few prime spots open. I choose not to sit by Biglips as I can have more space on the other side of the room. Mouse walks in with two chairs in front of her, hesitates, and makes the trek to sit right next to me in the far corner. At first I am baffled by this. Why me? Why ruin the little extra space I get? And, from being in this course this long, she should know how bad a spot she picked. No view of the TV. But she keeps her distance and I accept her presence, begrudgingly. The teacher still isn't here. Tall Metalhead walks in with a bag full of food, and shortly after, the room fills with what I hope is onions but what I think is BO. I am quite annoyed. The teacher still isn't here. I listen to Nice Jewish Girl talk with Weird Photo Girl about a film set. I become slightly jealous of her job. The room smells terrible. Mouse is so mousey. The teacher arrives and we get started. Finally. He makes a reference to the fun from last week, and I suddenly wish I could remember what we did. Then it happens. I hear a terrible, slurping, wet chewing sound from my right. Shuddering, I turn to see the source. Mouse is eating grapes. I rub my face, slowly, with my hands. Mouse must be some strange hybrid creature: the sounds do not coincide with the movements of her mouth. She must have some set of mouths inside, each chewing a section of grape while she moves her jaw up and down. I think on this quite a while. These sounds make no sense to me. I cannot take it. It starts to drive me insane. I'm clenching my teeth, flexing my muscles, rubbing my face. She asks me if she can borrow my notebook. I pass it to her without a word. When she returns it, she apologizes. I forgive her in a nice tone, implying that she had no need to say sorry, which is true. The teacher announces that we are going to another room. She has trouble, her coat becoming stuck on the table. She makes a joke. I smile. I am totally creeped out.
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