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xxxxxxxxxx (profile) wrote,
on 12-1-2009 at 8:07pm
I paid some of my credit card. It's down from where it was. Makes me less stressed. I'm liking it.

Though.. I am officially broke. Like, completely. Until this coming Monday.

I hung out with Alicia. Just got back like.. 20 minutes ago. I got my bridesmaid dress for her upcoming wedding. Exciiiiting!! It's cute, and it was only 15 bucks! Can't beat it. :) Now, hopefully her sista likes it 'cause we bought her one without her there. Haha.

Anyway, school sucks. I only have 3 more days. Well, about 3ish. I finished my 11 page paper. That sucked majorrrrly. But - that's the end of the class. I sell my books back next week, and I hope to god I get a decent buy-back. Sometimes they're crappy and I don't get anything. One can only wait..

So. Yep. I cashiered at my job a couple days ago. Time went by way faster than the deli. It was a good change, but I hate being in charge of money. Not that I make huge mistakes, just makes me nervous a little. But yeah, it was nice. Lots of different people; some nice, some decent. You know, the usual with customers.

Money sucks. I just wish the world didn't have to revolve around it. I know that's far-fetched, but it would be magical, wouldn't it?
No matter what or who you are, money is an object and it's beginning to get more and more relevant to me. Not that I was naieve to it before, but it's way too real now.

Maybe that, or I'm just dutch.
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