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xxxxxxxxxx (profile) wrote,
on 12-12-2009 at 1:38pm
So, I've got work tonight. Well, at 3, so midday I guess.
I hope it goes decently. I never know how it'll be though, but I hoooope that my co-worker will stay with me til 7, because then I'll have my sanity until AT LEAST then.
I went out with Shane's mom last night, it went well. She got some "Shane" shopping done. Though he's quite easy to shop for.
I'm done with my shopping!! I'm proud of not being a procrastinator this year.
I also got my hair done yesterday. It's purple and sort of asymmetrical. I told myself I wouldn't chop my hair again, but I gave the stylist creative-freedom, so it's really my mistake. I don't have my USB or I would upload some pics. I kinda like it, just needs some getting used to.

My cat's cuddling me. I love her. Quite frankly, she is the best animal I have ever had. I would give a lot for her to be immortal. I can't imagine her being gone whatsoever. She's almost 14, and it's really scary.

Jo-Jo - I need to send your letter out!! I just need to add a couple things, so I'll let you know when to start checking your box. :)

I also need to write my brother - haven't done it in wayyy too long. I talked to him on the phone today though. He's doing as good as he can. Has a job, and works a few hours a day. He seems okay, but I can't ever be sure.

I want to see Alicia again!! I will see her on her wedding day, I guess. Well, the day before. I asked for those days off, so they better give them to me! Either way, I will be there. I'm excited!! I need my purple shoes though. :) Cannn't wait!!
Leesh - Make sure you call me when you get your dress, or text me. Either one! :D

So yep.
Christmas break's been good so far all-in-all.
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