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HyruleanHero1988 (profile) wrote,
on 1-10-2010 at 7:01pm
Current mood: amused
Subject: My trip to the mall

For those of you that don't know, Georgia has had an unusual cold snap, which, when mixed with precipitation, means it actually snowed in Atlanta. I don't mean a couple of flakes fell from the sky. I mean it actually snowed, and stayed on the ground for a couple of days. It began snowing last Thursday night, which is when I snuck up to the roof of my building and took a bunch of photos and made them into a panorama for proof.


My loan refund came in on Thursday as well, and there was a fur lined leather coat that I saw at Lenox Square that I wanted earlier in the week but didn't have the money for at the time. Also Phil and I needed to go to the Georgia Tech book store and take pictures of the barcodes for our textbooks so we could order them from cheaper sources from the internet.


School would begin the following Monday, so we knew we needed to get this mall trip and the book store trip out of the way this Friday, weather be damned. However, I have lived in Georgia my whole life, and am not used to driving in these conditions, plus my gas cap had frozen closed…

Gas Cap

We decided we would take the Marta train to the mall. It was only a few stops north of our campus, so it shouldn't be a problem. I stayed awake eagerly all night, waiting for the 10:00 am open time of the Lenox Square mall. When it was 9:30 am, I knocked on Phil's door to wake him up. And I knocked again. And again. Then I quietly walked into his room. I picked up one of the manga he had just laying on his bed and hit his foot with it. He didn't budge. I hit him repeatedly. Then I shook him by the shoulders several times. He finally stirred and blinked his tired Asian eyes at me (which is barely any movement at all I might add) and asked some sort of odd question like, “What am I doing?” I replied, “You're getting your clothes on so we can go to the mall!” He just grumbled and I left his room. He banged about and groaned for awhile, and then came out dressed. We put on our warmest gear, and left the apartment. It was like 20 degrees Fahrenheit outside, which for us is very cold. We had no gloves, or earmuffs, or scarves or anything of that nature. We buried our hands in our pockets and set off. We immediately began sliding on some ice, and learned that we would probably have to choose between numb hands and falling flat on our faces. So we waddled like ducks across campus towards the Marta station. By the time we got to the Tech Square Publix, all of our extremities were numb, so we decided to loiter around Publix long enough to get our feeling back. Then we headed to the Marta station, and caught the train to Lenox. From the Lenox station, we had to slip and slide to the mall. By the time we were in the parking lot of the mall and I could see the entrance, I guess I felt that we were close enough to have it made, and I stepped right on a patch of black ice and my feet swept out from underneath me and I fell directly on my left shoulder. The most serious injury was to my dignity, so I quickly got up and headed into the mall.
When we got into the mall, the first place Phil wanted to look was the huge Gamestop at Lenox. I let him look around as long as I could, but I got really anxious that Macy's had sold out of the coat I so had my heart set on, so I dragged him out and told him we could come back. We quickly headed to the Macy's, and I headed directly to the men's department. I found my coat; luckily they still had a few, and got a large and a medium to try on. I also found a cool pair of pants that I just wanted to try on to see how it went with the coat. They were a 32 34, which isn't the easiest to find. Usually it's hard to find a length that is longer than the waist. I really could use a 36 length, but I looked all over and they didn't have any. So I handed all my stuff to Phil because I didn't want anything to fall out of my pockets while I tried on pants. While I was trying on clothes, apparently Phil was playing with my camera:

Phil playing with my camera

I only found that when I got back home. So I tried on the coat and the pants, and they looked really good on me.

Me in my new coat and pants

So I decided to get both. I never buy clothes, and for once I would like to look nice. So I bought both, and both happened to be on sale, so I got a $50 pair of jeans and an $80 coat for $70. Nice. After I had gotten what I came for, I turned the trip over to Phil. We went into the Sony Store, and looked at TV's that needed loans to ever be able to afford. That is, they were all more expensive than anyone's paycheck that I know personally. The place was pretty boring, so we went back to the Gamestop. Phil bought himself an Xbox 360 for Christmas, and so far he only had one game. We each bought a game, pretty much complete polar opposites of each other.

Game covers

The salesman seemed to love Resident Evil 5. Then he just looked confusedly at the box art for Beautiful Katamari. This was a fun situation because since Phil didn't have the ID to buy the M rated title, I was buying both of them and he was paying me back. The salesman looked like he couldn't figure out why someone would be buying both of these. Of course, that is because they are both awesome, and you shouldn't judge a game by it's cover, Mr. Judgemental Gamestop Employee…

After this we both admitted we were tired and could use some caffeine, so we headed to the food court. We ended up getting Chick-Fil-A. We both got Delux Chicken Sandwiches and Dr. Pepper with no ice. When we were done with our meals I showed Phil how to play Flip Cup. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the game, it's traditionally a drinking game where you drink the contents of the cup as fast as possible, then you sit the cup down on the edge of the table, and tap it on the bottom to make the cup land upside down on the table. It's harder than it sounds. We both practiced until we were pretty good at it, then Phil decided to try to start upside down and get it to land right side up, which is considerably harder. We played for awhile until we got good at that too. Then we sat a cup in the middle of the table and tried to land another cup into it. We played that for awhile, laughing whenever an interesting shot was made. We had a lot of fun. Then I started sitting the cup on the edge of the table, and building tension in my finger against the bottom of the table, then flicking the cup, sending it a good five feet in the air. This was a lot of fun no matter how the cup landed, so I kept doing it. After awhile, this short black lady, maybe 4 feet tall, with an ass at least as wide, waddles over to us with such a fiery sense of purpose in her eyes that it strikes fear into our hearts. We just know we are about to get kicked out of the mall. She comes up to us, and in a voice like you would expect out of Aunt Jemima,

 Aunt Jemima

she asks, “You boys wanna refill?” I am in such shock that she didn't just scream “GETCHO CRACKA ASSES OUT DA FUCK DIS MALL” That I simply reply, “What?” She says, “Well, Iz figud you boys looked mighty bored, so I figured I'd come an axe you if you wanted me to refill yo cups.” And gives us a big ol' grin. Her grin was contagious, and I couldn't help but smile back at her and thank her for her generosity. She asks us what we wanted to drink, then waddles off with our cups. Phil immediately starts cracking up, and it's obvious that he is extremely embarrassed at having been caught in such a juvenile act. I'm not bothered, because with as many boring people as there are at Lenox Mall, at least she will remember us when she goes home. She brings us our cups back, and says, “Now you boys remembuh, dees cups fulla liquid now, so dontchoo go flippin' um now, ok?” and grins again and waddles off after we thank her once more. Phil and I spent the rest of our time at the mall that afternoon laughing and enjoying ourselves, discussing how funny it would be to flip the cups now that they were full.
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